About The University

About Lebanese French University (LFU)

Lebanese French University (LFU) is located in the city of Erbil. It operates out of modern educational facilities located on its 50,000 square meters. LFU located off 100 meter Street, Universities complex, Near Mosul Road Cross. It is on a single campus which consists of newly – built, modern, fully equipped and spacious building, which hosts academic departments, administration offices, classrooms, computer and language laboratories, library, theater, prayer room, staff and students' accommodations together with excellent sports facilities including large multi-purpose sports hall, grass soccer, hard tennis court and an outdoor training area.
Lebanese French University (LFU) was established in 2007 to provide a wide range of education and training opportunities within an excellent learning environment, and serving the needs of business and the community at local, national and international levels. Today Lebanese French University (LFU) has 3 colleges –Law and International Relations, Administration and Economics and Education and Languages in addition to a separate department - Department of IT-. In other words LFU has 13 departments to offers a wide range of programmes in a variety of fields, such as Law, Legal Administration, Diplomacy and International Relations, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Tourism Administration, Hospitality Management, English Language, French Language, General Education and Fine Arts as well as Information Technology.

Vision Statement
Lebanese French University (LFU) looks forward to achieving a high and well established position among the universities of Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the whole globe in order to be one of the most important sources of education and scientific research. It aspires to be internationally recognized since it is keen on providing its students with the highest quality of knowledge in the fields of sciences and humanities. 

Mission Statement
Lebanese French University (LFU) is committed to create academic environment for young and mature students to study in different fields of knowledge. Its mission is to confirm that education and scientific research should never be confined to the classroom but to break down this barrier and think of the development of Kurdish society in order to be ahead of the global communities and societies. Added to these, LFU attempts to nurture in its students the different types of knowledge, skills and values. It promotes the principles of honesty, integrity, non-complacency, efficiency, loyalty and commitment to excellence.

Objectives of Lebanese French University (LFU) are of two types: general and specific. They are summarized as follows: 

General Objectives: 
  1. The basic general objectives are the following: 
  2. Establishing strong scientific relationships with all universities of Kurdistan Region, Iraqi universities as well as Arab and Western universities. 
  3. Fulfilling the requirements of quality assurance in accordance with the international standards of the global universities. 
  4. Doing its utmost efforts to contribute to human knowledge through discovery and scientific research in full cooperation and collaboration with leading academic and research institutions around the Globe. 
  5. Enhancing and creating an excellent reputation of higher education in Kurdistan Region and Iraq that flourishes the ground for a prestigious university of a top international rank. 
  6. Enabling students to make use of the developments of all specializations all over the world and increasing their desire to follow these latest developments after graduation. 
  7. Taking part in the university – wide academic community through interdisciplinary collaborations, programs and curricula. 
  8. Enabling graduates to take part positively in the development of Kurdistan Region in different respects of life. 
  9. Confirming that students have the ability to meet the present and future needs of life to guarantee outstanding future after graduation. 
  10. Preparing qualified graduates for local as well as regional careers. 
  11. Providing students with good ethics and strong commitment to serve the region honestly and accurately. 

Specific Objectives: 

LFU aims to achieve the following specific objectives: 
  1. Stimulating student’s personal, social and academic competence and enabling them to be qualified prospective leaders in their respective specialties. 
  2. Supporting students in their education and scientific research through the availability of up-to-date facilities, publications and qualified teachers. 
  3. Preparing competent and qualified graduates to fulfill the needs of the public and private institutions as well as the governmental offices. 
  4. Helping students by establishing a clear research strategy that would define priorities and channel research activities to serve regional purposes. 
  5. Taking part in the university – wide academic community through inter disciplinary collaborations, educational programmes and curricula. 
  6. Providing graduates with the basic knowledge to do research and continue their postgraduate studies. 
  7. Preparing graduates to have the required theoretical and practical skills. 
  8. Maintaining quality standards in academic education and development of public as well as private services. 
  9. Preparing qualified graduates for local as well as regional carriers. 
  10. Enabling students to command the modern electronic facilities, particularly, the computer and its uses in scientific fields of knowledge.